Music For Health – The Article Series – A Non-Intro Status Report | #blog101 #Music4Health #Status 

Article in marinade. Material and input ready to digest. Separating signal from noise, and learning two things. Better every day. To cope with Silence. To find it. To enjoy it. Any time! Not just moments of the serene state. Forest kind of non-silence, I refer to. And. To listen. And listen deep. And listen deeper. Ad Infinitum! Good Night! Sleep well!

Just Write – The Writer’s Block Before Blog101 on Music4Health | #blog366 #blog101warmup #Music4Health

I have some writer’s block at the moment, warming up for my self-defined #blog101 challenge. 101 postings relating to the same focus field – Music For Health (#Music4Health). Where to begin? A night’s sleep, to come – to handle that background processing. Anyways – feeling hope! Every little thing, is gonna be allright!

Posting Post-Kraftwerk | #blog366 #status #photolog

Chronologie. Reverse. Time. — ^^ above … Ultra Energy Save Mode on Gadget. Photos taken via Twitter Photo App. Then. Off My Gadget. Mine, that is. I cannot go beyond this, in my posting. Right now. Epimagic is not enough. Priceless? Speechless? They exceeded my realistically high expectations. Placed alongside a few as Shared Number One Live Music. Ever. — Note: This post is back-dated. The blog-every-day #blog366 challenge (a keep-the-chain-challenge) has my own rule. Let one posting reflect the day. Back-date if necessary. Journalling of sorts if not a specific other blog challenge is there to flow. I think this is…

All Fine. Catching up, recovering. More to come. A day off the grid. Silence is the key of listening. Being in the lovefield, in control. Love is my hero. | #blogg100 #Status

Follow my beloved @akrogirl in the mean time before more stories commencing beyond the “climbing of Mount Everest”, celebrating #MikaTheHero this past Saturday! She has better space than me, right now, to tell stories of Mika Love. On our way to the Base Camp before getting fully grounded, in harmony.