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^^ above …

Ultra Energy Save Mode on Gadget.

Photos taken via Twitter Photo App.

Then. Off My Gadget.

Mine, that is.

I cannot go beyond this, in my posting. Right now.

Epimagic is not enough. Priceless? Speechless? They exceeded my realistically high expectations. Placed alongside a few as Shared Number One Live Music. Ever.

Note: This post is back-dated. The blog-every-day #blog366 challenge (a keep-the-chain-challenge) has my own rule. Let one posting reflect the day. Back-date if necessary. Journalling of sorts if not a specific other blog challenge is there to flow. I think this is only one of a handful postings made beyond midnight, for real. This calendar year, that is.

But what do we know? 

As for now – 

Time – an experience?


But Kraftwerk is for real …

Smiling in a meditative room 04:10am. 

Waiting for a Morning Train.

Feeling, again, that my heart is filled with gratitude.

Thanking, again, Magnus and Susanne, for this 50th anniversary-of-my-life present. Where sharing it with you was an optimum!

Love is the hero.

Love is all you need.

… computer love …

… autobahn …

… the robots …

… the model …

… music non stop …

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