Z as in Zoom H1 Portable Microphone | #blog26 #wishlist

We have reached the end of our A to Z wishlist which I began at my 50th birthday, June 26. All wishes so far have not been connected to a product with a commercial brand mentioned – and dominated by intangible wishes. In general, I avoid as much as possible to mention commercial brands. The last one of my wishes in my list, making an exception.  I want a portable microphone to capture sounds to make music of, with and from. And this is the one I wish for. An entry model with really great price/performance ratio, as I understand….

X as in Xenophilia | #blog26 #wishlist

We are closing up to the end of the alphabet of wishes. X, Y, Z. What to wish for coming to the ‘X’? A troublesome letter! But, here it goes. I wish there would be more xenophilia in the world! Xenophilia is the opposite to xenophobia. Where xenophobia is the fear of the unknown, and one of the root emotions and attitudes to racism. The step from fear to hate is small, as we know, and prejudice nurtures both. No, what we need more of is this. Xenophilia. In short – love of the unknown. Curiousity might kill cats, but…

V as in Voyages | #blog26 #wishlist

I wish we had more opportunities to travel. I want to go to places with my family. Barcelona, I’ve been on business-related trips, with some touristry – and saving a few “must-see’s” to co-experience with my Karin and the kids! Berlin, I’ve not been to. But Karin has! And Scotland! Yes, going around the whole area. Just. Must. Do. Bucket. List. Hardcore! Top three, the magic number to prioritize. What else? Life is long. But days are short. Let’s take care of them – and go to places that aren’t the same as when we were there, respectively. Because, now…

U as in Uchi Deshi | #blog26 #wishlist

I wish I can attend an Uchi Deshi, as in training camp for Aikido, soon again. The Sensei we follow, Ulf Evenås, Shihan 7 Dan, will attend in Norrköping in November, so hopefully then, at least! Uchi meens ‘indoors’ or ‘inside’, and Deshi.means ‘student’, so literally it is translated into ‘being a student in-house with the master’. And, yes, they are names of our brother Birmans as well!

T as in Techno Queens | #blog26 #wishlist

I wish I could experience some great livesets from my fav techno dj’s and producers the last years. Nadja Lind, Miss Sunshine (above), Nicole Moudaber, to mention a few. The scene is very male dominated, so it’s always great to balance up just a little bit with such heavyweight love bombers as these! Give us them to Norrköping!

Q as in Tema Q | #blog26 #wishlist

I wish I can get a research position at Tema Q at Linköpings University. It is a cross/trans/multidisciplinary research institution focusing culture and societal change and development. I hope I can take my documented skills in researching innovation and entrepreneurship related to sustainability and put it into context of music for health. How to deploy insights from where we know music benefits health, in practice? How to creatively organize in order to make music do good for health? I see the target now. Now, the only way is up. Now, this is my ‘escalator pitch’. Now, do!