Mika Eight Years – And Life Goes On | #MikaTheStar #Birthday #Family


Memories of Mika at home. Canvases in my studio/old playground for Mika. His hand. Corner in the kitchen, and a canvas there as well. The bookshelf with a box he made – now storing his pacemaker. His last shoes. Love, all over. And sorrow. Forever. Just changing shapes and forms. Over time.

So, eight years ago, a little wonderboy was born. And now, he’s gone. Our little wonderboy!

How you survive such stuff? Don’t ask. We just do.

I’ve restored my power to create and joy of life. But when the pain hits, it hits like hell. Not staying that long as it used to. And memories of joy can be restored. With melancholy. Yes, reaching far in the tough work called “sorrow”. In my multi-traumatic life, surviving PTSD and living with back and forth with anxiety to levels of the unbearable sometimes, I have fully returned to pursue and live my passions. Mika is somewhere around, and sometimes he shows his presence. We feel he is among the elders of spirits, and learning alot from the deep masters in #TheOtherWorld. Hope to have us guided to make the great and right choices, and move with the right deeds done, in the evergoing Flow of Life.

Love is there. Eternally. And Mika.

During the coming year, until next birthday, we will make moves to create a foundation in his name – still not there, yet, to place full energy into the project. Some stuffs to be done before, in the right order.

It will in its core follow The Spirit of Mika. Every kid should be having fun, being secure, and have a great life. Mika, the Guardian Angel for that to happen.

TheMikaFoundation – to come!

Until then.

One day at a time.


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