Thank You Depeche Mode And Anton Corbijn For “Spirits In The Forest”! | #DepecheMode #AntonCorbijn #SpiritsInTheForest

In short: Awesome. Moving. Strong. Instant. Classic! Too many feelings right now. Full story in my future research on music for health! Also – day in honour! – NEMCOM Annual Event Depeche Mode Bar went live today! November 30, 18-01, Café Broadway, Norrköping! See NEMCOM on FB for more details!

Day After Mika Memorial Pre-School – Flower, Grave Visit, Lunch and Karin To Valdemarsvik | #MikaTheAngel #FoodExperiences #Dayflow

6th of September, 2019. Another day with Mika in #TheOtherworld. Will never “get used to it”, but hope to “find a stable way to live with it”. I had forgot the bouquet of flowers that Mika’s beloved friend Ellen had for us at the pre-school memorial, so I went back early morning. Finding it at the shrine where the photo used to be, I could not find another thing to do, than to let it be! So beautiful. Then, the daily grave visit. Beyond, we spoilt us with a really nice lunch from an authentic and local café. Really great!…

Sunday Sushi – Thank You Hanna And Erik! | #MikaMemorial #Countdown #Friends

True friendship lasts forever. Hanna and I met some two decades ago. Thinking about her alot after life took its turns, and his Erik and their kid, and not having direct contact for some years now. Showing up very fast by phone beyond Mika left us for #TheOtherworld. Now. Giving us home delivery food on demand these hectic preparation days! Sushi. Could live on that on a lone island, with my dearest beloved Karin for the rest of my life, methinks … Hai! Thank you Hanna and Erik! Ok. Now dealing with Night Pain and MikaMissing … See you when…

Project Family? An Oxymoron? Maybe … | #MikaLove #MikaMissing #MikaReunion

Illustration … A pic saying more than a thousand words. Cleaning. Making order in chaos. Walking. First with Karin. Then alone. Picking up a bunch of books from Uni Library. Making food of prefab stuff, three sources, mixed. TV, with flashbacks from Danish Nursing History as key show – besides news and a cute docu of a Norwegian senior from far up north going to London. Chamomile tea with honey and milk. Taking care of cat litter. Getting them food and fresh water for their night. In bed. Blogging. About some key events through the day. Soto, Karin and me…

A Roundtrip | #NadineTheHeroine

On the last leg home. A regional train. Belated. Leaving Nadine in Oslo with her mom. A small bleeding from my heart of the missing. Healing will take place. All will be fine! Re:uniting, soon again, we are! THANK YOU for a great Winter Holiday, my darling! Home to warmth, love and harmony. Norrköping, here I come!