Day After Mika Memorial Pre-School – Flower, Grave Visit, Lunch and Karin To Valdemarsvik | #MikaTheAngel #FoodExperiences #Dayflow

6th of September, 2019. Another day with Mika in #TheOtherworld. Will never “get used to it”, but hope to “find a stable way to live with it”.

I had forgot the bouquet of flowers that Mika’s beloved friend Ellen had for us at the pre-school memorial, so I went back early morning. Finding it at the shrine where the photo used to be, I could not find another thing to do, than to let it be! So beautiful.

Then, the daily grave visit.

Beyond, we spoilt us with a really nice lunch from an authentic and local café. Really great! Thanks to all who has helped us out, making it possible with getting that “little extra” some time, to live thru in our tough work of grief.

Karin and I have been so close since the loss, and now we needed a bit of “vacation” from each other for a weekend. So, with Karin taking the bus to Hedwig in Valdemarsvik, I took a tour to the shopping district, and cherry-picked some pens, “Made In Japan”, and nerding around with demo-listening some high-end headphones.

After that, meeting up with new friends met at the Yoga Retreat, for a second round in Norrköping.

Days pass by. Filling the emptiness with as meaningful content as could be.

The Force of Love prevails. And so do I. One way or another.

Note: Another posting back-dated, published 24 hours after intended original. Still lagging, aiming to catch up tomorrow, Sunday.


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