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“There is a Long Way to go until Our World is ‘RE:LOVED’ as my Personal Vision reads – meaning a world where you meet your Fellow Human Being with Love and Respect, and you can expect to be met with The Same.

But even a Thousand Mile Journey has to begin with One Step, as Lao Tzu suggests, and Imagine Only One Sustainable Way to get there. You have to begin with YOURSELF, and the part of Our Shared World you feel you have the Ability to Influence. IN SHORT: Live Your Change, Wished and Wanted!”




Welcome to my personal web hub!

Yes! Living the change – in summary;

Family. Aikido. DJ. Writer.

  • Main occupations
    • Researcher, focusing #Music4Health.
    • DJ and soon-to-come Composer/Producer/Sound Designer, where I create soundscapes, mixes and live music sets for joy, dance, chill, recovery and meditation.
    • Writer, with one full popular book draft – “In Flow” – published online (in Swedish – to be published as final physical book when timing is right), essays and articles on “The Flow Society” (mostly as a senior writer as a co-founder of Social Media Club Editorial Team) and many formal research publications related to my earlier research on “Sustainopreneurship”. Blogger since 2003 in different virtual carnations, and blog labs. Beyond 1000 posts on this blog as RE:LOVE THE WORLD | andersabrahamsson.org. Legacy blogs includes e. g. andersabrahamsson.typepad.com, sliceonline.typepad.com and onamission.typepad.com. To name a few.
  • IDs
    • Musical/artist: aBreathing. aFlow. aPulsation. Papa Abbie. DJ Anders.
    • Virtual IDs – @relovetheworld (2017-).
    • Legacy, on the webs – @sliceonline (2007-2016), and before that @knomaden – ‘the knowledge nomad’ (2001-2006). Before that? Too many to mention … In The Quest to Unravel Mysteries …
  • Current projects, 2022 – [to be updated, in due time]

[below ~ too many Triggers to Edit – Right Here, Right Now … ]


I live in Norrköping, Sweden, with my fiancée Karin Johansson (@akrogirl) and our two brother Birmans Uchi (#UchiTheCat) and Deshi (#DeshiTheCat), with the latest addition of baby girl Soto (#SotoTheCat)! I am a proud father of Nadine, who turned ten years in January 8, 2017! She lives in Eidsvoll, Norway, with her mother, and here with us in Norrköping on longer holidays. And – in 2015, we got one more family member! A baby named Mika! Born May 28, 2015, now two years old – beyond challenges (born with a heart disease, now with pacemaker), living strong! My family defines how I organize and set priorities of the rest of my life. This is my core.

Education and Research

I am a graduate from Växjö University (now Linnaeus University), with a Master of Science in Business Administration, with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Business Development. My thesis is a well-cited work who placed a foundation for conceptual development and definition of ‘Sustainopreneurship‘, which ended up in an encyclopedic entry in Wikipedia (2008), with further research before and beyond the thesis within the area of Economics and Business Administration rendered some papers [academic publications]. The empirical base was stories from events and experiences from the cultural contexts of Uganda and Sweden. Beyond that I have focused my research on the concept of ‘the Flow Society‘, more within the larger disciplinary contexts of Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology, with main outlet my editorial work (mostly essays) for Social Media Club, where I held a position as a member of the global Board of Directors [author: andersabrahamsson | Social Media Club]. My aspirations for 2017, as a prospective work trial (I have been on sick leave and rehab from april 2015, where 2017 hold hopes for careful reintroduction to formal working life, beyond the most important work for my family and houselhold!), include a specific writing project, to map and create a guided entry to the vast field related to Music For Health, with hopes and intentions to form a research project related to this area.

Research Context, Method and Publishing

I do my research and authorships in a non-traditional/non-institutional/non-formal way through “Enactive Research” – in short “applied self-ethnography”, a methodology developed by my academic tutor and mentor until 2008 (see above for summary of our collaboration through the recommendation letter), Prof Bengt Johannisson – described in his Prize Lecture [PDF]. My long term intention, for life, is to write books on Wikibooks in an easily accessed learning-for-everyone format and style, whereas the deeper ideas and reflections will be published through papers and thesises on Wikiversity.


I was running a business brand SLICE Services and Publishing 2004-2012 (related to the wider range of “entrepreneurship for sustainability”). When my focused turned beyond “sustainopreneurship”, diving into the paradigm of “flow society”, I ended that brand. Phases of Life!

In December 2012, I started a new business venture called InFluxum“Get Into The Flow!”. It was focused on supporting people and teams on how to survive, live and prosper in The Flow Society (‘in fluxum’ is Latin and means “in flow”). The main areas for practice were within Identity, Communication and Organizing, where I outlined and designed three main programs and systems for change – #WebHubDesign, #SocialWebStrategy and #FlowDoneSystem. I decided to wind down this brand second half of 2014, to focus writing in my own name, and turn in a totally different direction, where the RE:LOVE THE WORLD phrase gets into work as main identifier – for life, crossing all over the private personal and professional flows of life. Change is the only constant!

Community Contributions, Volunteering and Pro Bono Work

I am and have been an active Pro Bono contributor, where I was at the Board of Directors for Social Media Club (Global). I have also been a part of TEDxNorrköping organizing team. I also am an accountant of NEMCOM – Norrköping Electronic Music Community, where I was conducting numerous events for some years in Norrköping related to electronic music, and holding same role for IF Dojo Norrköping (my Aikido Club) and Östgöta Bi – Ek För (honey production, for the betterment of nature). I was one of the core organizers of Pecha Kucha Night Norrköping, where I held beyond the ten of Pecha Kucha speeches locally myself. Throughout life I have been volunteering to such a degree I cannot list all stuff here, being all too much!


This brings me to one of my main passions. I have been enjoying music since I was six months old (according to a story, I was jamming to a Beatles song back in 1966), had my first named favourite songs four-year old, Mungo Jerry – In the Summertime, followed by George Macrae – Rock You Baby, Hot Butter – Pop Corn. and bought my first single at seven (ABBA – Waterloo). I arranged my first disco at 14 years of age. With a growing record collection, I started to have a radio show in a local community radio station (Radio MRS) in the early eighties as a 16 year old, and I was debuting as a live DJ at the age of 17, in 1983.

Through various gigs in many contexts through the years, and arranging some club concepts, I still occasionally play gigs with three aliases – DJ Anders (mostly focused on electronic dance music in a general sense, and here and there some retro/classics gigs through the decades of choice), aBreathing (ambient and deep for relaxation, meditation and well-being) and rare occasions of Papa Abbie (roots reggae, dub and ska/two-tone, and the bassy flow of electronic dance music like dubstep/drum and bass). During 2017 I hope to develop my new ID aPulsation (focusing various flavours of techno-oriented beats). I also serve as a kind of “everydayness DJ”, with one so-called #daylist added almost daily, serving as a Music Diary / Soundtrack Of My Life – https://play.spotify.com/user/andersabrahamsson.


I enjoy a life with many integrated habits, routines and rituals for health and well-being. In the core is what I would define almost as a life philosophy, generating alot of wisdom, with a set of values and attitudes giving strong contributions to my personal development – Aikido. “The Art of Peace”. Ai – Harmony. Ki – Life Energy. Do – The Way. In short – finding the way for the life energy to give harmony. I am practicing Aikido in the Takemusu / Iwama Ryu tradition (“classical aikido”) in the name of late Saito Sensei, who followed the founder O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba closely. The style is represented by Shihan Ulf Evenås, 7 Dan, in Gothenburg, which I have had the honour to attend some weekend camps and seminars through the years. I am affiliated to IF Dojo Norrköping, that is one of the oldest Aikido clubs in Sweden, led by chief instructor Leif Kinnersjö, 6 Dan, up until early 2017, from where the leadership was handed over beyond all decades with Leif, to Kimmo Osen, 4 Dan.


Besides the martial arts of Aikido, I have some central pieces of healty behaviours. Originally beginning to compensate for lacking Aikido practice in the summertime when the Dojo has a seasonal break of two months, I started to run regularly. Now, through the years, I have it as a very central part of my training life, where my RunKeeper stats reveal that I usually run some 10 kilometers two or three times a week, with longest runs being personal half-marathons (done twice). I have attended one competition, Stadsloppet in Norrköping (August 2014).

Going to the GYM – Gratitude, Yoga and Meditation

I also have a morning routine – I have a firm conviction that your day is defined very much of how it starts. So – getting up before 7am, with no snoozing from the smartphone giving serene sounds at 06.25am is central. And beginning my day with a bottle of water. Then I have a program starting with relaxing music lying on an acupressure/spike mat, with Yoga and Meditation – and stretching out a “Daily Gratitude” in a sacred meditation I have developed for myself. In short – the “GYM” – Gratitude, Yoga and Meditation! Mika and the rest of the family wakes up at 7.30am, so this is truly my “focus hour” to get the day going!

Food and Drink

I am also very keen on what I eat and drink. I am vegetarian (but not vegan). I try to be as low as possible on the carbs and high on protein and good fat. I very seldom drink alcohol. I try to eat organic and fair trade as often as possible.

Work/Life/Rest/Sleep/Meaning – in Control and Balanced Discipline

I believe that you can have a firm control of your destiny – and this includes to define your core objectives through the day, defined BEFORE you even check your first social media flows or emails. Where you integrate your life vision in the long run with the practices and priorities in the everydayness. So all through the day, doing deeds with deeper meaning defined by myself and in collaboration with my trusted peers. I also dive down for some healthy power napping in the afternoon around the afternoon “all-time-low” at 3pm. I aim to chill down in the evenings (with or without Aikido/Running), and have a last hour of the day free of gadget screens from 11pm, looking at some series from one of the streaming services on TV, and getting to bed and sleep before midnight!


All in all – for Health and Harmony:

“Anima sana in corporate sana” – A Healty Mind in a Healty Body!

All the above in the purpose to RE:LOVE THE WORLD – where I begin with myself!

And, by the way, I intend to live until 2078, the year where my beloved Karin turns 100, my daughter 71, my son 63, and me 112 years of age. Just sayin ;)’. So I can influence the global development as much as I can before I enter Afterlife and give a good Legacy towards the world, re:loved!

:: Contact

Contact me primarily through mail – mail [at] andersabrahamsson [dot] org.

:: Social Web Personal Identities and Reflections (more or less active)

:: End Note

Love Is The Hero – Love Is All You Need.wpid-20130517_144754.jpg









the flourishing of the forest // is taken care of // by the hands of love

[originally published in Swedish at the end of #blogg100 in May 2013, and just after Karin and I got engaged]



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