Mika’s Angelversary – Mika:s Ängladag | #MikaTheHero #MikaTheAngel #angelversary

Today we gave honour to Mika, one year after he left us for The Otherworld.

We took a fika at his grave. Added a bouquet, and opened a “Kinderägg Surprajs” as he used to say. A little elephant! A symbol as such – the wise elephant with the strong memory. Always remembering our little boy! An elephant was also on the shirt he had when he passed away.

Coming home, we got a message from our medium that he wanted ice cream, meringue and chocolate, and some balloons. So be it!

Here is the last image of him conscious.

His last day is shared by Karin in Instastories, archived publically here.

We love you so much, Mika.

One year passed in this afterlife, living with the neverness of not meeting him again until our time has come.


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