Post-Event Afternoon In Sofa With Emoji Fun | #Photolog

Was at an open and free event on digitization of society today. Saving panel- and slide shots for future reference and a professional context. Work training, ongoing. Not so exhausted today, as earlier in this week. My long run Wednesday night seemingly did a great job on my way to recover! Still paying strong respect to my limited energy reserves due to the overly heavy grief work. Afternoon chat with beloved Karin, and daughter. This was my log to Karin. Yawning Emoji firsties for me! An evening in same space and place. Sofa Corner! TV. And ended with packing the…

Thank You Depeche Mode And Anton Corbijn For “Spirits In The Forest”! | #DepecheMode #AntonCorbijn #SpiritsInTheForest

In short: Awesome. Moving. Strong. Instant. Classic! Too many feelings right now. Full story in my future research on music for health! Also – day in honour! – NEMCOM Annual Event Depeche Mode Bar went live today! November 30, 18-01, Café Broadway, Norrköping! See NEMCOM on FB for more details!

Mika In Aftonbladet – About Aplastic Anemia | #MikaTheAngel #Retrospective

This Spring he was featured as an environmental hero, picking up litter on the streets. Now, his story on his passing away, told by Karin in text and voice, in Aftonbladet. Informing about the hell of Aplastic Anemia, and the future foundation in his name, creating awareness of the disease, and fundraising for AA research.

#MIKATHEANGEL – I <3 U 4EVAH | #MikaMix № 1 by #aBreathing - 10OCT2019

On May 28, 2015, at 10.19CEST, Mika Hans William Abrahamsson, came from ‘there’, to ‘here’, at Skåne University Hospital, Lund, the Maternal Clinic, Delivery Ward, Caesarean Operation Room. From #AnotherWorld, to #ThisWorld. On Aug 1, 2019, at 11.34CEST, he went from ‘here’ to ‘there’, at Vrinnevi Hospital Intensive Care Unit, Norrköping. From #ThisWorld to #TheOtherWorld. What happened in between ‘then’ and ‘now’, is not possible to grasp in a short mix description on this platform. Music that came to ‘me’ beyond Aug 1, 2019, and up until October 10, 2019, are now flown together in one story – hereby numbered…

Dandelion Found – And Added To The Flourishing At Mika’s Grave | #Flowers #MikaTheAngel #Meaning

On my way to the Sorrow Counselling at the Kiddie Clinic Vrinnevi today, I found two Dandelions still Alive and Kicking! I took the liberty to take one of them with me to the psychologist (and psychotherapist in-the-making) – she’s great! The Dandelion holds strong symbolic power. Turning to a source; “The Dandelion means: Healing from emotional pain and physical injury alike. Intelligence, especially in an emotional and spiritual sense. The warmth and power of the rising sun. Surviving through all challenges and difficulties.” No further comments needed. Pain that you did not survive, Mika. Power given to us to…

Walking – Doing – Buying | #Everydayness

I love walking or running, to do errands. Two loops today. Last leg with bus. Soundtrack: Depeche Mode Bootleg Remixes. Not found in new vinyl. Pizza. Homemade. Tonight! Well deserved Friday Chill after another tough and hard grieving week. One thing not traced in our lifelogging quantification. Life. Move. On!