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Listen to #SlamRadio – 217 – Slam (LIVE) by Slam #np on #SoundCloud

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aBreathing vs DJ Anders | Pomodoro Mix Set 001 – Epimagic Flow [Live@KnasterS01E03] | April 2012 by pomodoromixes #np on #SoundCloud

101 – what? Sorting out and filter … ing! | #blog366 #PhotoStory

Handbook of Music and Emotion. A cornerstone for further explorative searches, on what to deliver and get leverage with in my creative writing process on Music For Health, beginning 1st of September, 2016. I have identified two focuses, to which I still need to narrow down and write synopsis on, respectively. Both have been tested in the ‘How’ aspect. Are they researchable? The answer is a sounding Yes! So – level up, we will! Now, leaving the University Library across the street, and returning home. Work Trial, this is. But, not formalized, yet. Emergence! Done! Soon!

101 (number) – Wikipedia Article | Blog101 Warmup (Sep 1-Dec 31, 2016) | My Blog Challenge Thematic Filtering? #m4h / #music4health !!! — End Of Subject Line : ))) | #blog366

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/101_%28number%29?wprov=sfla1 Photo, just, taken. For the Commons!

Z as in Zoom H1 Portable Microphone | #blog26 #wishlist

We have reached the end of our A to Z wishlist which I began at my 50th birthday, June 26. All wishes so far have not been connected to a product with a commercial brand mentioned – and dominated by intangible wishes. In general, I avoid as much as possible to mention commercial brands. The last one of my wishes in my list, making an exception.  I want a portable microphone to capture sounds to make music of, with and from. And this is the one I wish for. An entry model with really great price/performance ratio, as I understand….

Q as in Tema Q | #blog26 #wishlist

I wish I can get a research position at Tema Q at Linköpings University. It is a cross/trans/multidisciplinary research institution focusing culture and societal change and development. I hope I can take my documented skills in researching innovation and entrepreneurship related to sustainability and put it into context of music for health. How to deploy insights from where we know music benefits health, in practice? How to creatively organize in order to make music do good for health? I see the target now. Now, the only way is up. Now, this is my ‘escalator pitch’. Now, do!

M as in Music For Health Research | #blog26 #wishlist

I was by the finding of the moment stumbling upon a music cassette in the collections of my mother-in-law. Ralph Lundsten, Mindscape Music. Ralph has made music that has been used as treatment in psychiatric wards in the UK. I will let the full story evolve regards Mindscape Music when I’ve heard this piece of music and researching its history. And this is exactly my wish. That I can get room, space, energy, health and place to find my little corner of the Big Verse named Music For Health, to research! Then I can dig deeper, in e. g. the…

K as in Kraftwerk | #blog26 #wishlist

Yesterday, I had a wish to see Jean-Michel Jarre live, showing up in Stockholm in October 29. Today, I will report a wish that already has been fulfilled. I have had a wish to see Kraftwerk live. They have done numerous of concerts in Sweden the past years, and I’ve missed them all. Until now! In July 31, 2016, they appear as a part of Stockholm Music & Arts Festival at Skeppsholmen, Stockholm. And I got this beautiful gift as a birthday present getting 50 years (the reason behind my wishlist A-Z – #blog26), already at the day Mika turned…

J as in Jean-Michel Jarre | #blog26 #wishlist

As I already have written in the warm-up of this blog challenge (in Swedish), which started June 26 on my 50th birthday, some of you might already know what would show up in “J” in my A to Z Wishlist. Jean-Michel Jarre – The Live Experience! I got introduced to Jean-Michel Jarre early on in my own personal “musical biography”. My uncle was a hardcore music addict as me, and I thank him for discovering alot of music during my upbringing. Jean-Michel Jarre was one of his findings in his search for the new and pioneering. 1976, the Jarre album…

D as in Depeche Mode | #blog26 #wishlist

The blog challenge, beginning June 26, 2016, my 50th birthday, con’t. The ABC basics – check. As simple as 123? Maybe :). Aikido, Birthdays, Core. Enter – D! Musical experiences, bucket list, following the Grand Theme “Music For Health”. Depeche Mode! This is irrational, I agree. Not. Seen. Them. Yet! I have followed their music since the Just Can’t Get Enough days. From the very beginning! And I didn’t see them, live, back then. So. Modern times? Their last tour was 2013/14, passing Sweden. And they did headline Arvikafestivalen, 2009. No, no, no. Not! Well, I hope to see them…

About Turning Fifty Rounds Around The Sun – Statement From A Train | #blog366 #SaturdayLove

Written off the grid at 1337 CEST on the Writer Android App, in the net shadows within the deep green ocean forestry of Värmland: “I am sitting on a train to pick up my daughter in Arvika. Tomorrow, I turn 50 years, according to SpaceLog Tellus. And there, I would like to focus this “statement”. I have defined away the “crisis” moment when counting decades. So irrelevant, unneccesary and stupid to live your life as-if turning these counts of orbital rounds around the sun should define when to really have a crisis in life? Let me tell you this instead:…

Fokus, Distraktioner och Det Viktiga | #blog366 #ProjectThursday

Click to view video. Mika leker med en träkula. Kasta prick. Jag bryter för det viktiga. Mika. Jag stod och processade önskelistan, som jag berättade om igår och i förrgår. En bildserie, från hela lilla händelseflödet. Alla bilder. Oredigerat. Ingen bild bortvald. De är där. Alla åtta. Filterlöst, äkta, naket. En nackdel. Det är tyst. Vad är en bildsekvens utan ljud? Träkulor låter när de kastas prick med. Ljud, musik, ljudlandskap. Och musikupplevelser. Högt på önskelistan, de är. Ni som såg smygtitten på hur långt önskelistan har kommit, vet redan. Bortom Kraftwerk, är Jean-Michel Jarre osedd, live. Oxygéne i mitt…