X as in Xenophilia | #blog26 #wishlist

We are closing up to the end of the alphabet of wishes. X, Y, Z. What to wish for coming to the ‘X’? A troublesome letter! But, here it goes. I wish there would be more xenophilia in the world!


Xenophilia is the opposite to xenophobia. Where xenophobia is the fear of the unknown, and one of the root emotions and attitudes to racism. The step from fear to hate is small, as we know, and prejudice nurtures both. No, what we need more of is this.


In short – love of the unknown.

Curiousity might kill cats, but it also drives discovery and development. Courage comes with the urge and drive to go where no one has been before. To explore, to find adventure, to level up!

So – I wish for more xenophilia in the world! Touché!

Where do you want to go today, of the domains where you haven’t been?

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