V as in Voyages | #blog26 #wishlist

barcelona berlin map_of_scotlandQuestion-mark

I wish we had more opportunities to travel. I want to go to places with my family. Barcelona, I’ve been on business-related trips, with some touristry – and saving a few “must-see’s” to co-experience with my Karin and the kids! Berlin, I’ve not been to. But Karin has! And Scotland! Yes, going around the whole area. Just. Must. Do. Bucket. List. Hardcore! Top three, the magic number to prioritize. What else? Life is long. But days are short. Let’s take care of them – and go to places that aren’t the same as when we were there, respectively. Because, now we experience them together, and they have changed in parallell with us. Panta rhei. Life, love, travel. As it should be?


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