Getting Back To Music? | #blog101 #Music4Health #mixing

Just took a step back to My Element. I’ve been far away from mixing and DJ-ing for quite a while. I recorded three mixes just before Mika was born in May 2015, but was not satisfied with them – too distracted and anxious, knowing our unborn had a heart disease, and so focused on the up-and-coming delivery in Lund, Sweden. During my long rehab, focusing the mantra Daddy Family Together, and the basic rhythms of Sleep-N-Eat in our family, it has taken its time to get back to my beloved music life. I feel I am taking some steps back…

T as in Techno Queens | #blog26 #wishlist

I wish I could experience some great livesets from my fav techno dj’s and producers the last years. Nadja Lind, Miss Sunshine (above), Nicole Moudaber, to mention a few. The scene is very male dominated, so it’s always great to balance up just a little bit with such heavyweight love bombers as these! Give us them to Norrköping!