Z as in Zoom H1 Portable Microphone | #blog26 #wishlist

We have reached the end of our A to Z wishlist which I began at my 50th birthday, June 26. All wishes so far have not been connected to a product with a commercial brand mentioned – and dominated by intangible wishes. In general, I avoid as much as possible to mention commercial brands. The last one of my wishes in my list, making an exception. 

I want a portable microphone to capture sounds to make music of, with and from. And this is the one I wish for. An entry model with really great price/performance ratio, as I understand.

Zoom H1. Yes, thanks!

Soundscape capturing, soundscape design. Keywords for a future, unfolding.

This is a concrete tool pumped full with symbolic meaning, in turn – echoing my meaning.

Music for health and well-being!


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