MikaMix №1 Now Uploaded And In Private Mode Since 1430HRS Sharp | #MikaMix #MikaTheAngel #aBreathing

Intention and outcome matched! My first in a lifelong series of MikaMixes now published in private mode! I am awaiting composers and artists approvals before going public with it.

This day was in bliss, in the midst of all grief, of having it done. As I said at his grave at the Memorial Service and Bye Bye Ceremony – all I do will be dedicated to him, in order to keep his memory alive.

Besides this, domestic services, together with getting groceries and commodities to our household – and visiting the grave, as usual – was done. Evening, in chill, watching TV. Ended the day with a long-form documentary on the Cold Case of Dag Hammarskjöld.

A better day, with the Name’s Day of my mother-in-law Hedwig also cheered! An indirect little musical gift now delivered in the closest circle in private mode, yes! When all rights cleared, going public!

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