Catching up with days of births! | #Family

Today, we had a great family day! A day of days! Since Nadine spent Xmas holidays, her birthday and Karin’s birthday in Eidsvoll, Norway, we had a Sunday, catching up with all these three birthdays! Bonus grandma Hedwig arrived at 11am with Jippii the Eurasier. Fika, dinner (topz, Karin!), ice-cream and all that, of course. Thanks Hedwig for the food!

And, then – gift exchange!

Nadine got an Xmas gift already at breakfast – two movie tickets! And the Quicken from Harry Potter as bracelet from bonus cousin Therése!

Later, in the afternoon, Nadine spread her love and gifts around! Hedwig got a little painting. Karin the Crazy Plant Lady got a little cheramic box with a plant on top. Karin and me got candles fitting perfectly in that little box. The cats got nice cool thngs around their necks – scarf for Uchi, bowtie for Deshi and tie for Soto. So cute!

And last, but not least, Nadine had made Mika’s favourite Paw Patrol character Rubble as a painting on a canvas! She really has a talent for painting and drawing! Me so proud of her!

So, in order to encourage her further development of her core love-to-do, she got a gift check as belated B-day present from our local shop for Artisans!

Thank you Universe for a wonderful day of days!

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