Cleanup of the grave – first round | #MikaTheAngel #GriefYearOne #InProgress

Today, a new name came to me of our beloved one: #MikaTheAngel! He never wanted to be named a hero: “I am Mika!” – yes, humble and strong he was – and is! Our guardian angel is there, and talking to him every day when visiting his grave at our daily Zenith Walk. Summer officially over, and flowers in decay. They will spread grass seeds on Thursday morning, preparing for that. Life goes on. Fika in Serenity afterwards Aikido ended the night. Keeping my shite together. Still physically quite exhausted by the grieving work, but catching up. Mentally, in some…

Strong Flow – Intense Doings – Soundtracked by … | #pomodoromix

Magnetic Mix 016: Amine K, curated by Magnetic Magazine. Got me thru the wading of the piles of books at the annual book sale, done first thing beyond leaving Mika at kindergarten. Three gems found! More about that later. Afternoon spent at Loffice – Library Office! Planning the 24/7/365 work called ‘life’, with focus on puzzling together a weekly schedule. Amine K is from Morocco, and this was a nice, melodic, groovy flow. Perfect work-a-music!