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Written off the grid at 1337 CEST on the Writer Android App, in the net shadows within the deep green ocean forestry of Värmland:

“I am sitting on a train to pick up my daughter in Arvika. Tomorrow, I turn 50 years, according to SpaceLog Tellus. And there, I would like to focus this “statement”. I have defined away the “crisis” moment when counting decades. So irrelevant, unneccesary and stupid to live your life as-if turning these counts of orbital rounds around the sun should define when to really have a crisis in life?

Let me tell you this instead: I had my greater part in life to deal with both the deepest of crises, and the highest of life-highs. Not that I wanted and expected this drama, it just came to me. Mostly. Of course, you always have a choice, but sometimes those choices are limited. I certainly believe that our expectations govern the outcome, so I can only repeat a core meaning:

Be careful with what you wish – you might get it!

Read that again:

Be careful with what you wish – you might get it!!

I have a first draft of a book written, to which I hope I get it completed in full version. Soon. Anyways, in it, I try to follow my own sayings and meanings in it. And – yes, Saturdays, “Love” is the core concept to relate to – for me. Yes, Family. Kids. My “letters to the future”: Nadine. And – Mika, at home, with beloved Mummy, Karin – and yes, the I-love-you-for-ever-and-ever there, for me as well. Longing home! I am. This moment.

She secretly had posted to our local newspaper in the Family Pages, yesterday. Did not see that coming! Such a surprise! Thank you, dearest!!!






Well, then. Now?

Listening to Moments in Love mini-album from the Art of Noise, the song “Love Beat” – downpitched version of the Moments in Love Instant Classic, I once more conclude – Music For Health. My element, my theme, my mission. In this field of forces, I have always been. And, that helps out to create filters. So – with that concluded, I narrow down the paths of direction beyond the ever-lasting flow of moments, passing by.

Moments In Love.

Soon landing Arvika.

Punch-line of this musings-on-a-train on my 50 years, completed, so far –

Tomorrow I start a blog challenge!


26 wishes, A to Z, starting on the 26th of June, 2016.

My “K” wish has already been fulfilled.

Live Musical Experience – KRAFTWERK, 3-D SHOW, STOCKHOLM MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL, JULY 31! Thanks to the love from friends Magnus and Susanne!

You can read more about that in my wish-list postings already done this week, in Swedish, using Google Translate, with care. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Today, is Saturday.

Stay tuned!”

From Karlstad, just before writing this Rough Draft Left As-Is (from the heart, unedited), three views from train window:





With my Daughter, returning to Home Base. Just left Hallsberg, after spending a gorgeous afternoon in Arvika. Picnic in the Sun in Stadsparken.

Green Oceans found, everywhere. 

Ready, Post, Submit!

2053 CEST

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