№ 4 – The Wisdom | #blogg24

As you see, I was asking Google Images if “s/he” could give me a search for the word ‘philosophy’ “translated” into English, tracing its etymology – always turning to my fav source Etymonline (my bold); “from Greek philosophia “love of knowledge, pursuit of wisdom; systematic investigation,” from philo- “loving” (see philo-) + sophia “knowledge, wisdom,” from sophis “wise, learned;” of unknown origin.” [1] And I specifically asked for ‘Love Wisdom’ WITHOUT returning those squarish witty one-liners that fill your social web flows. Every fkkn day! Was Google “wise enough” to return what I wanted? No. I end this little Sunday Rant with…

… and still – All Is Love! | #blog101 #family #picflow

While Little Jinder interpreted Freddie Wadling today on the Swedish  TV show ‘Så Mycket Bättre’, as a way to enforce and induce hope, love and joy … Mika. Love Hero. In Play! Captured by Karin ♡.

Maintaining Bonds | #blog365

  the letter // from one best friend // to another — Photo: Nadine, my daughter, just recently moved with his mother to Norway. While travelling to her new hometown Eidsvoll before New Year’s, the 27th, she made some messages and drawings to her best friend in Växjö – Stina. I posted them for her getting back to Norrköping some days later. I hope they will be able to maintain their sisterly friend-love over the years. At least, here is a first step – with the message on the letter – “Here is for you not to forget me”. Det…

Befriended | #blog365

  depicted // best friends // forever — Photo: Nadine draw an image of herself and her best friend Stina in Växjö. She draw it on her way to Eidsvoll, which she moved to at the end of this year. It was done on the first journey from Norrköping to Norway, intended to be sent later to Stina.

In Memoriam, In The Timespaceless | #blog365 #haiku

birma spirit // love // you is — Photo: #WendyTheCat’s remains and sanctuary in our home. See http://sliceonline.tumblr.com for my honouring of Wendy’s passing away one year ago, and the Gratitudes. Still not ready to take the full story of this totally unique and special Birma. Don’t know how to do it. Truly. After this first orbital round of our Planet making its way around the Sun… After the day of her moving on to Afterlife … … I will find a way to share the stories, here and there. Still, Images will do the Talking in the mean time….

Serenity Solitude Haiku

slowly // pulsebeats downshifting // lovespace reflected — I am currently reenergizing on a micro retreat. Focus is to build, aim and sort energies for some summer authoring to get intended publishing going for the Fall Season. This means in practice that I do alot by doing close to nothing. A magic bliss of fulfillment fills my experience of being. With four fifths of our family present, here, now, in full.