Uchi Spirit | #blog365 #haiku

when courage // exceeds fear // tailwind prevails — Photo: Uchi insists on coming out, beyond the time when he had something resembling a Panic Anxiety Attack in our (i. e. human!) terms, when we took him to Strömparken (my most frequent photo motive outdoors  at the moment, “The Stream Park”), earlier this year. Through PicsArt for Android, effect Fattal 2. — What more to say? I was astonished. When I did the laundry in a Red Eye just-woke-up shift yesterday morning, he just wanted to GET OUT! And follow me to wherever I intended to go. Or not? Runaway…

In Memoriam, In The Timespaceless | #blog365 #haiku

birma spirit // love // you is — Photo: #WendyTheCat’s remains and sanctuary in our home. See http://sliceonline.tumblr.com for my honouring of Wendy’s passing away one year ago, and the Gratitudes. Still not ready to take the full story of this totally unique and special Birma. Don’t know how to do it. Truly. After this first orbital round of our Planet making its way around the Sun… After the day of her moving on to Afterlife … … I will find a way to share the stories, here and there. Still, Images will do the Talking in the mean time….