In Memoriam, In The Timespaceless | #blog365 #haiku

birma spirit // love // you is — Photo: #WendyTheCat’s remains and sanctuary in our home. See for my honouring of Wendy’s passing away one year ago, and the Gratitudes. Still not ready to take the full story of this totally unique and special Birma. Don’t know how to do it. Truly. After this first orbital round of our Planet making its way around the Sun… After the day of her moving on to Afterlife … … I will find a way to share the stories, here and there. Still, Images will do the Talking in the mean time….

In Between Sanity and Vanity | #blog365 #Haiku

focused in its flow // the spirit // aligns with the background radiation __ Today is a day focusing Suicide Prevention. Globally. Tomorrow is a day with repeated historical significance. The day after that I truly and deeply intend to find something to express I feel relevant. And the day after that. And the day after that. Ad Infinitum. In a year I intend to stretch the #blogg100 challenge I rose up to earlier this year and accomplished, and reach #blog365. I already know, from that experience – “I can ALWAYS deliver a Haiku”. So, be it. Goodnight. And preserve…