Equinox? Equality? Equation? | #blog101 #Music4Health #QuickShare

Today. Equinox. Approx same amount of Solar Light and Night Shadow. Easy to have a Jean-Michel Jarre relapse. His second album, Equinoxe. Included in today’s dayplaylist. Welcome, Autumn! Pondering on how to get space and room for the lines of writing on music for health emerging inside of me, to form themselves outside. It will come. Wikipedia rule applies. “No deadline”. Quality assurance, comes with that principle. I am highly sensitive for stress, just have to deal with it. Simple! Good night!

J as in Jean-Michel Jarre | #blog26 #wishlist

As I already have written in the warm-up of this blog challenge (in Swedish), which started June 26 on my 50th birthday, some of you might already know what would show up in “J” in my A to Z Wishlist. Jean-Michel Jarre – The Live Experience! I got introduced to Jean-Michel Jarre early on in my own personal “musical biography”. My uncle was a hardcore music addict as me, and I thank him for discovering alot of music during my upbringing. Jean-Michel Jarre was one of his findings in his search for the new and pioneering. 1976, the Jarre album…