About Turning Fifty Rounds Around The Sun – Statement From A Train | #blog366 #SaturdayLove

Written off the grid at 1337 CEST on the Writer Android App, in the net shadows within the deep green ocean forestry of Värmland: “I am sitting on a train to pick up my daughter in Arvika. Tomorrow, I turn 50 years, according to SpaceLog Tellus. And there, I would like to focus this “statement”. I have defined away the “crisis” moment when counting decades. So irrelevant, unneccesary and stupid to live your life as-if turning these counts of orbital rounds around the sun should define when to really have a crisis in life? Let me tell you this instead:…

Onsdag – Wednesday – Gemenskapsdag | #blogg100 #CommunityWednesday

“Onsdag” @sliceonline https://medium.com/ett-liv-i-flow-hur-overleva-leva-och-berika-sig-i/onsdag-f83d66c1e9e0 Så ser det ut när jag delar direkt från skrivargemenskapen på Medium Punkt Com. This is how it looks when I share directly from the Writer’s Community at Medium Dot Com. Slut på meddelandet | End of message Godnatt | Good Night

A Sort Of Coming Back

there is time // where is space // all has place —– but love, just is

Morgon – Morning – Water | #EttLivIFlow #ALifeInFlow

Beginning a deep series of postings to boost some of the messages of my first book, soon to be published in a first rough draft. Name: “I flow” (swedish, now) – “In Flow” (english, later) The first section of the first chapter deals with “Morgon” – mornings. A blog challenge in January 2015 – to pick each and every section and illustrate in Close to Real Time the Walking of my Talk. So. First. To place one of the grounds for a day in flow. The essentials – WATER! CHEERS!

“A Life in Flow” — An Intro

Writing a book on surviving, living and prospering in The Flow Society When the time has come, it is there. When you feel it, in every neckhair, in every corner of the gut — just doing it! Yes. When all the decisions are made, it is the delivery that counts. Less talk, more workshop! Writing a book? There is nothing mythical about it. Really. No mystery. Like WordPress states, just below the editor in their Full Screen mode — “Just write”!And, as in a workshop, it is mostly dealing with sweat and periods of anxiety, mixed with joy. In the end (painfully?) releasing the written products from its author — for…