World? Peace? Day? | #blog101 #Music4Health #WorldPeaceDay

In one way or another, I have found peace. Disturbances, there are. But in the core, resilient, strong. A sense of peace. I see the building blocks of a deep proof in this – My Love Heroes, at home, and in my extended social first-degree social network, all lines and categories! In Community Spirit, we make a difference!

But we must make the Hard Knock of Work: Beginning with ourselves.

Separate Signal from Noise.

Begin with Silence.

If you can live with Silence and level up your Listening to full power, then you Make Space for the Force of Peace, Number One, and One Only.


And one strong connection to make leverage of that force, to improve your inner journey and exploration, is Music! Finding Music that heals your being,  your sense and body. 

Music for Health? Yes!

Music for Peace? Yes!

We will make it!


Quotes (Metro UK) | International Day of Peace | Peace One Day

Written in as-silent-as-possible Sofa Mode. All in Family, except me, asleep. In Siesta Mode. In Meditative Mode.

In Peace!

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