Identity? Editorial? Flow? | #blog101 #Music4Health #HarvestMode #UchiTheCat

To Read. To Think. To Do!

Life, made simple, how?

Today, as always, alot of stuff happens. Mika and I took a stroll on town and did some Love Waves, and I was making some observations and did some harvesting to prepare for a suitable, resilient, slow, calm and sustainable Work Trial.

Alot of stuffz happening under the radar, now! Have Patience, Be Patient, Do Patiently, and all else will follow.

Soon – clear text! Pics say beyond these words, as always. In the mean time. Life is what happens while you are making other plans, yes? A Lennon Echo. Mhm. Beautiful Boy!

Uchi was here, some min’s ago. I was blogging. He got to be a bit off when I was off. Gotta lure him back for his Love Treat.

Mika asleep. Serenity Sofa. Karin chill after her challenges, today.

Soon asleep. All is fine! Good night!

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