Weekly Editorial Intentions – Week 36 – the Startup Week | #blog101 #Music4Health #Editorial #MondayMacroscope

Last week, I placed my overall intentions on what to produce during my own-defined #blog101 challenge in the period of Sept 1 to Dec 31. I said I will post these featured postings, dominated by the writings Tuesday to Thursday, and focus on music Friday and Sunday. Saturday will be kept for the private/personal postings in the general #blog366 challenge (one-post-every-day during 2016, with some embedded sub-challenges to keep things going, like the #blog101 – see sidebar for the list – ‘In focus’).

To summarize –

  • Mondays – Weekly Editorial Intentions
  • Tuesdays – Music For Health – The Personal Experience
  • Wednesdays – Music For Health – Community Stories
  • Thusdays – Music For Health – The Main Articles
  • Fridays – Music Sharing – Higher Energy for the Weekend
  • Sundays – Music Sharing – Chilly and Downtempo for Serenity

To break things down into chunks of writing, I line out what I aim to accomplish the coming week below.

In general, the week will be dominated by entry-level intro postings, where I rather try to grasp the anatomy of the process of the writing challenges, than final products in itself. I intend to let some of the writings as final products end up at Medium.com in dedicated collections/publications, and maybe along the paths of development end up in a book or two? Who knows!

The formal life-setting framework of this, is a challenge to explore my carrying capacity in formal work, where this can be viewed as a qualified work trial.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I will introduce how I will be sharing dedicated stories, dominated by moments in life where music made the difference in relation to my health status and well-being – together with the grand themes of the habitual everydayness where music get you going. I have been producing a text in Swedish the past Spring as a part of my work trial investigation process for evaluation, and I was happy with the result, so I will be breaking down the text in three to four postings as a starter.

On Wednesday, I intend to outline what I mean with Community Stories. There are several communities to share from. One community is Norrköping, another the community created by my social (virtual) network at large. And I will outline some filtering of what kind of stories, and what “empirical material” to create and share in the process of generating deeper understanding of the ideas and practice associated with the Grand Theme of Music For Health.

Thursday, I will outline how to write up the core of this challenge – where I land in well-crafted articles in the category named “Music For Health – The Article Series”. Both concepts of Music and Health, separately, are massively big – or shall I say infinite? Yes, they are endless in size! So – the combination of the two, where I focus on how the one impact the other, maybe narrows it down just a little bit. Or? Anyways, here is the core element of why it’s so challenging to write the articles – where to begin? I hope that the primary material, without external references beyond me and my direct personal experiences written on Tuesdays, in combination with the secondary empirical material and other sourcing introduced on Wednesdays, will end up as merged and qualified articles, written in a kind of ‘popular science’ format on Thursdays.

What comes Friday, I hope to present a playlist to power up your weekend, as above mentioned, as well as Sunday to chill you down and prepare your energy reserves for a week ahead to come.

But we take one day at a time, one week at a time, one moment at a time.

Health and Family governs the space

A general disclaimer touch upon this general life advice of taking one thing after another: My own health status, with varying shapes and forms presented everyday, as well as the family situation at large, defines the space and room I have for this challenge. The intention is to produce during Mika’s afternoon nap, somewhere around and in between 1 and 3 pm. Much of the background processing takes place early mornings during my meditative Gratitude/Yoga/Meditation sessions while Mika and Karin are asleep, and when I dedicate the nights when Mika has entered Night Sleep Mode beyond 9pm, to music mixing and making and running, before hitting the sack myself. In general, we talk about around 90 minutes of efficient time including short breaks (to be specific – three so-called “Pomodoros” of 25 minutes each, with 5 minute breaks in between). But, as we know – the expectations governs the outcome! So, I hope my daily reminder coming from a general weekly scheduling, paired with the specific weekly outline for the week to come on those two papers I have hanging in the kitchen, will help realize my intentions!

But, for sure – music will be my help to reach target! So, I share my work-a-musical soundtracks every posting in the challenge! As, below.

The production of this posting was soundtracked by the 30-hour playlist “Chillstep” by @kent1337, in shuffle mode. The posting is a part of the #blog101 challenge, where I dedicate 101 featured postings towards the subject Music For Health (#Music4Health).


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