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Ended a small evening run earlier tonight, Inner City Flow. I listened to the première match for Sweden’s football team against Ireland in the European Football/Soccer championships in my headphones, a match to be forgotten – lousy play on both sides. But when they turned a Zero into a One, I screamed “yessss!”. At least Sweden got 1-1 against the green-white.

But whatevs. The best in this story is that playing with anything bouncing – whatever kind of ball – makes Mika so happy! He laughed his pants off today when a little plastic ball left over from our Xmas tree bounced in a crazy way. So he also got embraced by the ball games on the screen! Check Karin’s Instafeed – @akrogirl – for some coverage of that “Mika-Firsties”! Here is my angle before getting out for the run.


We also were at the library today, and Mika got along with a 2 and a 1/2 year old girl named Edith – who happened to love babies. And I got The Little Prince (the kid’s book classic) with me. Confession time! Haven’t read! Strange, huh?

Another day in life.

Keep calm, be nice, good night!

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