A day of emotional hangover, relief and recovery | #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye

Day after the Ceremony. We are so happy with the fantastic Love Bomb yesterday. It was magic! Thanks, once again! Bengt Johannisson attended breakfast, and followed us to the grave. Joined there, also Hanna, her daughter Luna and her mom Carina. Such beautiful flowers! Waving Bengt goodbye, then all afternoon on a speedy walkabout, making errands all over the place! Ending night with “Kristallen”, the Swedish counterpart to The Emmy Awards. With that said – good night!

Monday – Worst Week Since It Happened … | #MikaGrief #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye

The Ceremony on Thursday. All the big pieces in the puzzle are set. Now, checking guest lists tomorrow, to inform the Bureau! And the program went to print in Valdemarsvik, on courtesy of Hedwig, who has poured down her soul to it! A great piece of work! THANK YOU! I also spoke to Nadine twice, in the afternoon and in the evening, then also to mummy Senada. They arrive tomorrow late night, Nadine sleeps here, Senada at a hotel downtown. Thursday night they leave for Stockholm, before heading home to Eidsvoll in Norway. The Brain Poion of Cortisol is hammering…

The pre-school shrine | #MikaTheHero

Early morning walk to the pre-school, Nektarinen. I promised myself I would go to his intended school start for the season. Met some personell again, and especially the dedicated teacher who would be our contact person. I sat down at the shrine they made for the kids to sorrow. One of the kids is a truly cuddly love-bomb, and she sat down in my lap where I sat in front of the shrine. She asked; “Is Mika dead?”, and I explained as good as I could, and what he died from. Truly heartbreaking! They will have the memorial moment planting…

Drafting A Thesis Sketch! | #Music4Health

Finally! Got truly into the deepest of writing flow today, when I got focused energy to finalize the first draft of a Thesis Sketch! Hopefully something developing to a full-fledged Synopsis, mature enough to attract further resources. Now sent to my mentor and professor emeritus Bengt Johannisson for response. Happy to see all years of thoughts materialize to this level! And yes – live as you learn! Music for productivity, and the focused social setting at the silent reading room at the University Library really got me disciplined! Almost five hours efficient time. Oh yes! And not that exhausted either….

In Braås, with Bengt | #Workshop

Arriving this morning, for a three day workshop with my mentor and friend Bengt Johannisson, prof. em. in entrepreneurship and business development. I am helping him to virtualize himself, starting off with a WordPress Site and adding social web services onwards. He helps me in my PhD Thesis Synopsis to make my interest in researching how Music For Health is researched tangible, sense-made and doable. He and his wife shows great and warm hospitality, being here in his home for the first time – 19 years beyond the first meeting! Better late than never! Lovely to meet their dog Winnie…