Monday – Worst Week Since It Happened … | #MikaGrief #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye

The Ceremony on Thursday. All the big pieces in the puzzle are set. Now, checking guest lists tomorrow, to inform the Bureau! And the program went to print in Valdemarsvik, on courtesy of Hedwig, who has poured down her soul to it! A great piece of work!


I also spoke to Nadine twice, in the afternoon and in the evening, then also to mummy Senada. They arrive tomorrow late night, Nadine sleeps here, Senada at a hotel downtown. Thursday night they leave for Stockholm, before heading home to Eidsvoll in Norway.

The Brain Poion of Cortisol is hammering my Neocortex, and often kicks me awake at 2AM, if it’s too much. So, good old tactics! Ran like there was no tomorrow, in bomb heat Summer. Dehydration deluxe! Great elevation with two hills – Oxelbergen and Sylten! Norrköping must be one of the best runner’s town in Sweden!

Then, second visit and training at the Aikido Dojo beyond you know what. Had a great talk with Leif Kinnersjö, 6 dan, Chief Instructor Emeritus – a very good friend, mentor and kinda like another Daddy Figure, besides Prof Bengt Johannisson.

I shared my grief with my club mates, and told them that “you will be a part of helping me thru this – you are my second family!”, and burst into tears. Group hug, Love and Community Spirit!


In other words – stress hormones blown out, Here, and now!

Sleep Holy Sleep – come, come, come!

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