Open Chest | #MikaTheHero #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye

Last time seeing the remains of our beloved Mika. Nadine and Senada was with us. Will give special attention to all the stuff he got with him – later …

All worth a separate story!

Screamed my heart out. And Karin’s tears … Heartbreaking! And Nadine took the courage and power too. Senada in tears too, and in strong support to Nadine. The priest and the representative from the bureau did/had done an excellent job with the showing at S:t Olof Chapel.

On our way out, Mika showed himself in profile among the clouds!

Bye Bye Mika! See you tomorrow!

Note: Due to power outage from the heavy thunderstorm yesterday midnight, our Wifi was down, and the 4G mobile data seemingly too. So – this diary posting was done in retrospect, 24hrs later!

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