A Day Of Life and Death – And Learning To Find A Home In Your Alienation | #MikaTheHero #MikaTheAngel

Waking up to meet a very very very very very challenging day. Going to bed and feeling that life goes on. And on. And on! I love life! So be it! To grasp the content and nature of this day – right now, I can not. Check @akrogirl stories on an app focused on instant life sharing, some hours ahead. Making alot of remixes of an Alien Emoji felt like a great Lullaby Meditation. The crescendo of the remixes made, was finalized by Nadine, big sister to #MikaTheAngel … and yes, he is now flowing in #TheOtherworld … ….the One…

Treatment day 1/5 – all fine! And they found three potential donors! | #MikaTheHero

He got his first out of five ATG infusions today. No reactions! All fine. And our MD spoke to the donor coordinator in Sweden for bone marrow stem cells at Huddinge Hospital, and they have found three potential donors out there! We haz hope!

Diagnosis set – Mika has aplastic anemia | #MikaTheHero

Now we have a diagnosis. Mika has aplastic anemia. It’s a serious blood disease, where his bone marrow doesn’t produce blood cells. No red, no white, no trombocytes. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aplastic_anemia Next week they will start with ATG treatment, and start to look after a donor of stem cells for a bone marrow transplant. A process of months ahead. We’re definitely in need of mental and moral support and lots of prayers. We keep strong! We will make it!

Mika does NOT have leukemia! | #MikaTheHero

Time to go fully public with Mika’s situation. One suspicion from his low blood values was leukemia, so he has been at Dept. B53 BOND at H R H Crown Princess Victoria’s Children Hospital in Linköping, where e. g. cancer sick children are investigated and treated. After his bone marrow sample was analyzed at Karolinska in Stockholm, lekuemia has been RULED OUT! Phew! So investigation continues. Anyways, we will spend the weekend at home, so going home tomorrow! Photo by Karin.