B – as in Birthdays! (62!) | #blog26 #wishlist

I started yesterday with a blog challenge, with 26 wishes, from A to Z. It was my 50th celebration of earth rounds done around the sun, and now I feel being part of something I want to be in. The Wisdom Flow – for real. Maybe taken seriously, who knows? Anyways, now, it feels great!

I am overwhelmed en masse from all the love bombing yesterday, primarily from my closest circle of family! Surreal, and so calm! You were there, so great, so full, so deep! Thank you Mika, Soto, Jippii, Deshi, Uchi, Nadine, Karin and Hedwig! Home, and then at a Japanese restaurant here in Norrköping. One photo, here and now, shared from The Day, by Karin!


She just CAPTURED us! There are more images to share of course, but I save that for later.

And – yes. All of you, out there! Thank you all, collectively! I hope I can respond over timeflows to all of you. Virtual thank you cards!

Family first. Now, going to bed!

And yes – I wish I can experience 62 more birthdays, where the turning of 112 rounds are reached June 26, 2078! See you then, all of you – one way or another!

#blog26 continues, with C – as in [?] – tomorrow!

Good night!

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