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I have many things to thank for “keeping my flow, life and health”, through my 50 years (as of today). One of the core gratitudes is given to the Art of Aikido. Thus, when walking through a Blog Challenge Wishlist, A-Z, starting today, #blog26, I am not taking “A as in Anders” as a firsties. No, Aikido goes so far beyond my “ego” as I can imagine.

Much of the experience of Aikido you cannot really express, and everyone practicing it have their own story to tell. I will not try to transfer it, since the more words I use, the less you might understand. So – I will practice another Art – the Art of Listening, in order to express a Wish related to Aikido. Listening, inwards! And, hearing this echo, I get the following:

One wish being material, the other being immaterial. And, in the end, from a physical/scientifical/philosophical point of view – maybe the material/immaterial just is a construction of our minds? So – I say – I cannot separate the One from the Other, since you cannot have the One without the Other. One Unity!

Birthday wishes, then. A start being a bit of fun, could be to take a Google Image Search, ‘aikido anders abrahamsson’. Reflections!


As you see – training in the nude, with no tools and clothes, cannot really define Aikido Mastership (even if it is totally possible to practice Aikido in whatever convenient dressing …).

So I say: I wish for my future, to;

  1. Reach Shodan – that is, “black belt”. When you turn from being primarily a “student” (Kyu grades, now at 3 Kyu, next up 2nd and 1st), to being a “master”, first Dan grade. But, with our vocabulary, mindset and thinking in our cultural spheres “of the west”, this simple metaphor, and “reaching goals”, limit our way of thinking. I view the distant future, when getting my Shodan, as a way to reach a privilege – to be able to forward this art to the next generation as an instructor!
  2. New Bokken, Jo and Tanto – those are tools, to get you to 1. above! The wooden (Oak) weapons you train with. The Sword, the Wooden Cane and the Knife. My own are on “beginner’s level”, I got as Xmas Gifts from my beloved, many years ago. I need a new set!

With that said, Wishlist Item No. 1 out of 26 is shared!


  1. Cool that you are approaching first Dan (if I interpret what you write correctly) and congratulations i efterskott! My wish is that you will stop thinking in separation when it comes to martial (and marital) arts and start playfighting more…

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