Projects 2019? Well, let me sleep on it, one night … Or seven! | #blog31 #QuickShare #projects

2019, still groovy. Only two projects added so far, beyond the ‘musts’. #blog31 And writing a one-pager on the story of ‘RE:LOVE THE WORLD’. Intention: replacing my Instagram link (bio link, also from screen dump above) on the story – from a page in a Master Thesis to a page … here. One thing at a time. First thing first. Now. Good Night!

Intentional Waves

ideas // of holistic summaries // mondays to come — This is a blog post in the Swedish National Blog Challenge #blogg100 – meaning 100 posts in 100 days, kept without breaking the chain. It started yesterday, March 1. I embed it in my personal blog challenge for 2015 – #blog365. Same, but for the whole year. Soundtrack: Sounds heard in my bedroom. Family falling asleep.

In Between Sanity and Vanity | #blog365 #Haiku

focused in its flow // the spirit // aligns with the background radiation __ Today is a day focusing Suicide Prevention. Globally. Tomorrow is a day with repeated historical significance. The day after that I truly and deeply intend to find something to express I feel relevant. And the day after that. And the day after that. Ad Infinitum. In a year I intend to stretch the #blogg100 challenge I rose up to earlier this year and accomplished, and reach #blog365. I already know, from that experience – “I can ALWAYS deliver a Haiku”. So, be it. Goodnight. And preserve…

Reflections on The Art, Space and Time for Macroblogging

There is something magic in the expressions of intentions, and I believe they work only if you express them for yourself. My belief is that some intentions make things happen the way you envision it if you express them with the one’s sharing them, and yet some only if you express them, silently, for yourself. I never got to the spot to actually get into regular “macroblogging”. Maybe it is in the language you use, programming yourself. “I will…” instead of “I am…”. And when it comes to my regular blogging in the longer format, here on my latest “blog…