Moments of Being | #blog365 #haiku

she captures // the place // of restful peace — Photo: Karin from her photo shoot from All Saints Night / Remembering the Dead. — Without darkness, we shouldn’t know light. With light, we can define darkness. Through the absoluteness of the end of life we get help in experience life itself. In Memoriam those who went ahead before us. In Anticipation for those to come. In Mindful Joy those who are still around. Bliss. Meditation. Now. In Love, We Trust.

Reflections on The Art, Space and Time for Macroblogging

There is something magic in the expressions of intentions, and I believe they work only if you express them for yourself. My belief is that some intentions make things happen the way you envision it if you express them with the one’s sharing them, and yet some only if you express them, silently, for yourself. I never got to the spot to actually get into regular “macroblogging”. Maybe it is in the language you use, programming yourself. “I will…” instead of “I am…”. And when it comes to my regular blogging in the longer format, here on my latest “blog…