Maintaining Bonds | #blog365

  the letter // from one best friend // to another — Photo: Nadine, my daughter, just recently moved with his mother to Norway. While travelling to her new hometown Eidsvoll before New Year’s, the 27th, she made some messages and drawings to her best friend in Växjö – Stina. I posted them for her getting back to Norrköping some days later. I hope they will be able to maintain their sisterly friend-love over the years. At least, here is a first step – with the message on the letter – “Here is for you not to forget me”. Det…

Befriended | #blog365

  depicted // best friends // forever — Photo: Nadine draw an image of herself and her best friend Stina in Växjö. She draw it on her way to Eidsvoll, which she moved to at the end of this year. It was done on the first journey from Norrköping to Norway, intended to be sent later to Stina.

An Xmas Morning | #blog365

  the family // going back // to their own time — Photo: From this year’s “Adventskalender” – “Barna Hedenhös uppfinner julen”. Last Episode, with some time travel back to their own time. Xmas morning. A great show :). 12 min’s each of the episodes, from 1 to 24 December. My daughter loved it :). Xmas later on celebrated at Karin’s mom’s place, Hedwig’s, together with her brother and family.

Marathon Viewing | #blog365

  all seasons viewed // tv series // getting addictive — Photo: We have been doing some catch-up of TV series we missed lately. First out was House of Cards (from Netflix), and then we went on with Homeland. Very great TV shows, and cannot wait until next seasons of both arrives. Next up, after Homeland: Orange Is the New Black.