A Day In Speed And Doing Focus | #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye #Preparations

Making days intentionally long and heavy-loaded with stuff to do, so when this moment arrives – sleep hours – that thing comes almost by pure exhaustion. Because – the nights are SO DAMNED TOUGH!

So, with a sleeping train coming – this day is summarized by the tagged headline.

Keeping it short, light and rough. And this day remembered through the photo cloud archive, on demand, futurewise. But, most probably, next time seeing the photos through a timehop app, and wondering how on Earth we managed to survive this first year ‘beyond’.

Since – right now! – the constant feeling of being on the edge, and controlling MikaMissing triggers to the max … wherever we are, go, do and think … in the end build up energy either running out as soft tears or a big scream.

All in all – this Work called Grief and Sorrow, is an extremely energy consuming process. That only has begun. Beyond the ceremony comes the toughest part.


Please, be there for us, to help us rebuild, reformulate, find, and finally keep MEANING. That LASTS!


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