To Clean A Toilet | #blog101 #Music4Health #SoundTracking #Life #ToiletCleaning av Anders Abrahamsson


Why not go ahead and clean that damn toilet? Why? Well, you know the answer …

PS. A warning. When you are focused, in the zone, in your element – in short: IN FLOW – be there. 

In 25 minutes, then 5 mins break, then 25 minutes, again! Complete. Done. Check.

And what might occur? Cleaning the full bathroom … or at least taking that grungy, shabby, dirty hole where the water runs out under the bathtub. While at it! Get my point? But a nice clean toilet to enjoy after a proud work done is what you aimed for, and enough is enough! 

Now, set up a time to meet yourself with that fkkn task! Mission Possible! A Bond Theme to power you up, in a remixed power version! And then – just go! 

Will you join me, Sunday, beyond our brekkie? Central European Summer Time, in Norrköping Zone. Can’t set exact time, since #MikaTheHero sets the agenda. He’s The Boss, you know. Just sayin’!





  1. It all begins with cleaning the toilet and have fun doing it while listening to music. The result is a new state of mind that begins to see the possibilities in your life. You know that if you can enjoy cleaning a toilet and have fun you might enjoy any new goal in the same way.

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