A Day Of My Life | #blog366

Brekkie. Two ways to fold a soft bread (“tunnbröd”) with cheese. Jippii – the Eurasier dog owned by Hedwig, Karin’s mother on a wonderful visit today. A dog afraid of passing a bridge over our stream Motala Ström – scary water! Me. Carry. Puppie! Later at night. Cuddle time! LOVE BOMB IN SOFA CORNER! When life is as it should be! Checking the hobby artist’s tools! Annual inventory :). Therapy for the mind and spirit. Mindful exercise training the here-and-now presence! Tea chill adds up to the experience. Karin going to bedroom with Mika. I stay a while and cater…

A Sort Of Coming Back

there is time // where is space // all has place —– but love, just is