The Beatles Documentary Eight Days a Week – Live Première | #blog101 #MusicForHealth #TheBeatles #PhotoStory

Tonight, I got a mindblowing experience from my beloved Karin as a 50 year anniversary gift! 1966. The year The Beatles stopped touring, created by Ron Howard. Gala BLUE carpet première from London tonight, on live link to the cinema Cnema in Norrköping. Some videoclip from my actual birthday, June 26, 2016, press conference in Hamburg, was featured in the movie. It was brilliant! Oscars? A bonus was a totally freshed up The Beatles at Shea Stadium in New York. Still have “I Feel Fine” as inner lullaby soundttack!  Thank you, Karin! ♡♡♡♡♡ Yoko Ono!

L as in Loved Ones | #blog26 #wishlist

Let’s start off with some here-and-now pics. We are in Valdemarsvik for the weekend, arrived today with the full family, cats included. What we do and what happens – follow Karin on Instagram (@akrogirl)! I am sitting on the second floor of Karin’s mum’s lovely house. The Tablet shines. I have a little remote keyboard connected to it. Mindmapped where to take this posting. Directions. Loved ones! Yes. Family! But, before that – let’s make a little historical odyssey. All You Need Is Love – “it was 49 years ago today” Sgt. Pepper told the band to play! And, they…