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Let’s start off with some here-and-now pics. We are in Valdemarsvik for the weekend, arrived today with the full family, cats included. What we do and what happens – follow Karin on Instagram (@akrogirl)!


I am sitting on the second floor of Karin’s mum’s lovely house. The Tablet shines. I have a little remote keyboard connected to it. Mindmapped where to take this posting. Directions.

Loved ones!

Yes. Family!

But, before that – let’s make a little historical odyssey.

All You Need Is Love – “it was 49 years ago today”

Sgt. Pepper told the band to play! And, they sure did!

Seventh of July, 1967, The Beatles released the single All You Need Is Love. They had broadcasted it across the world in the BBC program Our World on June 25, 1967. The story have been told over and over again. The song beginning with the French national anthem, released just in between the US Independence Day and the French National Day. A little Love Date for a keeper! The Two Sevens Clash. 7/7. Seventh of July!

beatles-our-world.jpg 113574020.jpg

Love is all you need.

Love is the hero!



… and the recording of the song ended on my first birthday celebration! :) – just saying, just noting …

Love Wishes!

With that “propaganda song note” shared, let’s get to the ore of the core of this posting.

Making it simple, straight forward and to the point.

I want to make some Love Wishes for my family! For tonight, for tomorrow, for life.

Mika! My one kid! I wish you a continue’d good night’s sleep, right now, in the room next to the one I’m sitting! I wish we can be there for you and give you a great day tomorrow here in Valdemarsvik! I wish we can help you find your thing as early on as possible in your life!

Nadine! My other kid! I wish you a good night’s sleep where you are, in Germany for the moment! I wish you have a great day tomorrow! I wish you will find your thing in life!

Karin! My fiancée! I wish you can sleep as good as you can, even though I write this late … ! I wish we get a great day tomorrow here in Valdemarsvik, with all except Nadine in place for a great festival day Karnebåtfestivalen tomorrow! I wish we can take great care of the dog Jippii while Hedwig is at town doing what she has to do! I wish you will find your thing in life, beyond living your meaning named Mika! I wish I can be there to support you in your meaning-shaping journey! I believe in you!

Soto! Our cat! Sleep well! Be well! Tomorrow? You live in now! You have no concept of tomorrow! I wish you get some kids! Just be!

Uchi! Our cat! Sleep well! Be well! Same goes for you! Tomorrow? Humpf! Writing about you, in this second, you assisted my night blogging by resting behind the screen on the table! Love, expressed, clearly! Thank you for being, you fluffy lovepiece! I wish you a great, long life! I wish you a well cultivated wisdom shared over that lifeline! Our owl-bear!

Deshi! Our cat! Sleep well! Be well! Here, now, this moment, live well! I wish you many more rascal explorations, you little student! But do not escape down to the first floor and make mayhem with Jippii the Eurasier dog! Love life, live life! Long life!

With that wish list shared and said – living the message “Peace, Love, Harmony, Understanding”. And posting this posting, in order to get some sleep for myself, and wish I can change habits and blog in the daytime, and not night time …

And yes, I have found my thing. Hope I will narrow it down to some tangible and possible for me to do and deliver. Music for health! My thing! Wishing I can get to be the best version of myself, in order to be able to give what my family needs and wants from me!

— artful twitsting of the latest triple footage of me and my kids! —




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