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Yesterday, I had a wish to see Jean-Michel Jarre live, showing up in Stockholm in October 29. Today, I will report a wish that already has been fulfilled.

I have had a wish to see Kraftwerk live. They have done numerous of concerts in Sweden the past years, and I’ve missed them all. Until now!

In July 31, 2016, they appear as a part of Stockholm Music & Arts Festival at Skeppsholmen, Stockholm. And I got this beautiful gift as a birthday present getting 50 years (the reason behind my wishlist A-Z – #blog26), already at the day Mika turned 1 year (at May 28, 2016)! Magnus and Susanne – thank you!


Kraftwerk live in Stockholm, 2004. Source: Wikimedia.

I fell in love, totally, with Kraftwerk when I heard the Computerworld album. Until then, I hadn’t had a deep discovery of them, of some strange reasons, unknown. Of course, I had heard The Model, The Robots, Autobahn and so on. But the beauty of the melodies, the proto-techno beats, the arrangements, their vocals – really got me into their concept with that 1979 album. And the flirting with some contemporary disco back then felt just so … fresh! (Yes, I was also into disco and ABBA and so on, at that age of 13).

Since then, Kraftwerk has grown as one of my core musical references in my “musical biography”. They work as an energy pill when I have some lows, they enhance my joy, my focus, my concentration, my kitchen cleaning experiences, my smiles – in short, my life! They are placed there, right beside The Beatles (and some few others), in my “eternal hall of fame” and key musical influences.


As you see, I could go on forever with my praise and raves for the German pioneering and style defining musical innovators. When writing musical history in general, and electronic music in specific, Kraftwerk cannot go unmentioned. Period.

So – seeing their modern 3D show live, is in short, a Dream Come True. And in a very beautiful setting, as well!


Areal view of Skeppsholmen …


… and the main stage!



Sharing that experience with my old friend Magnus – as much as me into all kinds of electronic music – is just perfect (together with his dear Susanne, also becoming a dear friend, a spiritual sister-in-law)!

3D goggles on! On with the show! Stockholm, here we come!


All eight albums in one playlist – as collected in the box The Catalogue (en) / Der Katalog (de). 90 tunes in almost eight hours, spanning a release flow from 1974 to 2003! Enjoy!

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