Up and Down and Up and Down And Up … But After All – It’s Friday! | #blog101 #Curated #FridayFlow

Hi, there! Blogging, in times of narrow passages, gets lean and thin. Which trains me to get straight-to-the-point. Read the “meta-data”, read “in-between-the-lines”, read what’s not being shared and said. The space for me, blogging, gets down to almost zero. BUT – I keep my annual challenge, going – one blog post, every day! Towards blog 366 … Ok, sharing some fun and great from the week passing – as well as the loss of a poet and musician who left a very very very great mark in the history of music :*(. 1. xkcd always deliver – quirky humor!…

Mythologie by Delerium (ALBUM) | #blog101 #Music4Health #WeekendChill

Today, we had a need for a Deep Recover. We focused on doing something close to nothing. On the New Release inbox, I discovered an album by Delerium. Forever in my heart is the Trance Classic Remix by DJ Tiësto of Delerium’s “Silence”, we gave it a play. Yes, chill, was the word! Not intended to be a full review, view it just as an album tip. Enjoy!

The Day After #TheBeatlesPremiere – Healthy Music For The Weekend | #blog101 #Music4Health #Playlist

​https://open.spotify.com/user/andersabrahamsson/playlist/4ijEPCzK8IAGRlCCALTvMV Presented, as is. The list is built on a principle. But that one, I leave up to you to discover! Quiz? And after some stormy two weeks or so in rear view mirror – I feel fine! No wonder that song got stuck in the head after the brilliant The Beatles documentary, short blogged yesterday.  Unmissable! With that said, good night!

To Chill A Sunny Afternoon in the Park | #Playlist #SoundTracking #Life #Chill #Summer #InThePark

As mentioned yesterday, in the #blog101 startup posting, I will deliver dedicated musical elements on Fridays and Sundays (also often embedded elements all other days). So, for soundtracking your life, I will e. g. present playlists and mixes intended to track specific life situations, in order to enjoy them more vividly and with power, appropriate. First out, is a dedicated playlist to enjoy any eventual bonus Summer day, with an hour of joyful summer reminders. I will name the lists according to this format – with “To …” in the beginning of the title of the playlists, and tagged when…