Soto Five Years – Hooray Hooray Hooray Hooray! | #SotoTheCat #Birthday

Our Guardian Cat On-Top-Our-Herd-Hierarchy Soto (born/register name Pinkalicius’ Pralin, Holy Birman) turns five years today! Two photo stories getting Soto in a Nutshell!

First – drinking water. Then! What moves? Another cat! Bam! Gone into the dark! Who is in the Kitchen?

Next, also from bedtime – literally!

When I’ve done my teeth brushing and other go-to-bed preparations, entering bedroom. Soto with a sharp eye on me! Then – when we have found to be still and calm for a while. Enter middle! But leaning on Mother Karin, since Birmans usually lean on loyalty towards one in the first place. When Karin is gone, and I am alone home, I’m ok to seek warmth from, and share Love Vibes!

Soto – thank you for taking your herd leadership and guarding us so seriously! Only getting defeated by Jippii the Eurasier and the vacuum cleaner …

Without you, our grieving job beyond the loss of your little brother Mika would have been even worse.

We Love You Beyond The Universe And Back!

Thank You For Being!

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