Projects 2019 – part one | #projects

Today I start a series of blog posts digesting what I intend to accomplish in all walks of life for the rest of the year. Listing a line of projects, big and small, bold and safe.

Personal – health and work

First of all – health! Still, I am in process to get to full health. For the moment, I have 25 percent sickness degree, to which I will test if it’s possible to work at maximum 30 hours of 40 of the week. I continue to work as a Substitute Teacher at Fria Läroverken in Norrköping, but so far in 2019 all the regular teachers there have been at health and at work, leaving no work for me, yet. I continue to seek other works and employers as “freelancer in the learning sector”, with other secondary schools.

Complimentary, to keep fit and getting better, I keep up with my physically and mentally focused trainings and developments – Aikido, Running and Yoga!

At the dojo. Photo: Sensei Kimmo Osen, chief instructor, IF Dojo Norrköping, 5 dan.

Aikido. I continue my lifelong journey of improving the art and practice of peace! Beyond my personal training on Monday and Wednesday nights (I have now 2 kyu), we will have a sports class take over with some groups from my school, in order to introduce them to Aikido, and hopefully awaken some interest in the art! We hope to see more coming to us and start to train, and I will add some flyers on the bilboards of Norrköping as well. Welcome, if you live nearby!

Running. As a Christmas gift, I got a new pair of running shoes! I had to make halt for my running all through the Fall, due to my old shoes all too worn out, loosing the “drop”. I also discovered that I have a supination, not a pronation, meaning my old shoes were wrong for me! I had a small ache in my left hip for that reason, so I had to make a break for half a year to get better. Now, beyond New Year’s, I am on track again, ideally getting out for some 10 km running in an hour or so, three times a week! Nothing can clear your mind, boost your energy and reduce your anxiety as running!

My new running shoes, Christmas gift from Karin and her mother Hedwig! You are the best of the best! Thank you!

Yoga. I will continue to practice Kundalini Yoga at Norrköping Kundalini Yoga Center. This Yoga form has made wonders to me in my rehabilitation, and now I will keep on developing my health and well-being with two classes per week – Monday and Thursday Lunch, at noon.

Privately – Family

And of course – without my family, I am nothing! Karin, Mika, Nadine, the cats Soto, Uchi and Deshi. I will continue to cater for their well being, as an “ongoing and never-ending project” as well! The project of life and love, in action! We have had our struggles through the years, to which I will return to in detail separately.

When it comes to professional projects, I will blog about that tomorrow next Thursday!

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