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Identity Tuesday.


In my intended book publishing, I wrote a full draft (in Swedish), on Medium, back in 2014 – before my collapse in 2015. There, I suggest Tuesdays to be dedicated to “Identity/Identities”. And then, identity in a very generic meaning. You place the specifics. But, for now, since my life in such a deep explorative mode (where the only self-evident is to do my very best to preserve and develop family health and well-being, all dimensions!), I tend to have my brain looped around “what to do with Music For Health, where, how, when, with whom” – where the “Why?” question has been self-evident and obvious to me, all life! It took my collapse April 2015, and its aftermath to have this overly clear for me!

I wrote a text – deeply personal, strongly private – on experiences connected to events of life, where music was of strongest importance to “make me carry on”, where this “auto-ethnography” rooted this “Why?” in a very strong sense. I have been exposing myself to the challenge, once, to publish the first part of it, and by then translate it from Swedish to English. I made a halt for the next section. Life’s other challenges came in-between, and the space for writing is very narrow, for many reasons. And, the next section is at the moment too private, to personal, for me to write-and-share. I train myself to get more and more transparent, that’s a fact. But, I have to set the pace to what I am able to carry. I have sensitivities for stress levels. Living with that, so it is.

So, here I am, where the intention of my #blog101 challenge, and the result, still leaves more to ask when it comes to live up to placed intentions. This tension I manage to live with – since the above-mentioned Family Health is the stuff that comes before my writing and research! In the name of love!

But, meanwhile, life goes on. Music released, in steady streams.

Aptly, now, comes the stream of “unreleased special-box-set-for-the-deepest-fans-of-one-who-just-recently-passed-away”, this time David Bowie. In memoriam.

You can read alot about the release, “Who Can I Be Now?”, a box with eight albums included, on the official website, covering and reflecting the period 1974-1976.wcibn_notes_mont_1000sq

From Want To Be to Want To Do

Yes. Who can I be now?

Well. From a world of “Wanna-Be”, we move steadily towards the most important – “Wanna-Do”.

This blog post, gently soundtracked on my Laptop Computer, of this release. Currently, Live from Philadelphia, the 2nd album in the box. Diamond Dogs, right now.

All else – I am not doing any album reviews, for the moment – explore, for yourself! I just place new and old releases, and combinations of music expressions in relation to this Grand Theme. Music For Health. Where, of course, David Bowie has meant alot to me, and others, in this respect. Especially when you find yourself in the identity trouble-o-matic infinite workarounds! So – seek inspiration, and explore your “be”, in relation to the ever-so-changing David Bowie! You can be! But … yes:

When in work trial (re)search – I rather ask myself “What Can I Do Now?”. Alot, and yet so little. Keep limits, keep calm, strive for simplicity. I cannot complicate things anymore. That’s a fact. So – limiting myself to one thing. Here, and now. Write this post, in full. Wait for Mika to wake up. Then, we go out on town for a while. Maybe. If he sleeps too much, too long, then we cannot make it in time before Karin comes home. She is out on a photographing tour, for health, in the area “Urban Photography”. Not mobile, a Canon Big Camera Shooting Session! Looking forward to see what she captured. Reflecting the Beautiful and Lovely, as always, as expected.

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