D as in Depeche Mode | #blog26 #wishlist

The blog challenge, beginning June 26, 2016, my 50th birthday, con’t. The ABC basics – check. As simple as 123? Maybe :). Aikido, Birthdays, Core. Enter – D! Musical experiences, bucket list, following the Grand Theme “Music For Health”. Depeche Mode! This is irrational, I agree. Not. Seen. Them. Yet! I have followed their music since the Just Can’t Get Enough days. From the very beginning! And I didn’t see them, live, back then. So. Modern times? Their last tour was 2013/14, passing Sweden. And they did headline Arvikafestivalen, 2009. No, no, no. Not! Well, I hope to see them…

Smilies | #blog365

joy shared // on a restaurant // with beautiful and lovely — Photo: We attended Depeche Mode Bar where I played live and curated a spotifylist as well – a night with Depeche Only on Café Broadway, an annual NEMCOM event :). It was also ‘Anders-day’ – so two reasons to celebrate witj Burgers, Beer and Cider :).