Updating My LinkedIn Profile | #ProfileUpdate2019

This cuts through all existential contexts. Professional. Personal. Private. How to place the words on what my life situation is, related to the so-called professional networks? Well, I went on with a project today, that was put on hold this Spring – the profile update project. Of a hunch, I just started to update my LinkedIn profile today. And some hours later, it was there! Here are some mobile screenshots of the full summary of ‘me’, in the professional context.

On sick leave, yes. In grief. “Current occupation”. Yes, the hardest work of all, unpaid, 24/7/365 – with the greatest loss of all.

Your kid.

Life goes on. And this was an affirmation that somehow, something happens, beyond Jan 31, 2020, when my sick leave hopefully is history, and I have the energy to get back to formal work again.

Give me strength and support, Universe and all forces out there!


Note: This posting done in retrospect, due to a week with fever and cold.

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