The pre-school shrine | #MikaTheHero

Early morning walk to the pre-school, Nektarinen. I promised myself I would go to his intended school start for the season. Met some personell again, and especially the dedicated teacher who would be our contact person.

I sat down at the shrine they made for the kids to sorrow. One of the kids is a truly cuddly love-bomb, and she sat down in my lap where I sat in front of the shrine. She asked; “Is Mika dead?”, and I explained as good as I could, and what he died from. Truly heartbreaking!

They will have the memorial moment planting the apple tree at Sept. 5, at 3pm. A tough moment, indeed!

Later during the day I had a talk with my life-long mentor and friend, Bengt Johannisson. He will attend the Memorial Service.

And last – but not least! – did a strong and truly necessary comeback to the Dojo. Aikido – as always! – will be a key part to keep my shit together! And contribute to my healing. A deep heartfelt welcome and hugs shared! My second family, indeed!

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