№ 3 – The Trilogy | #blogg24


One key artist and composer who really got me into electronica, is Jean-Michel Jarre. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend his concert in Stockholm in October, but I hope he will tour more ahead, watching him another time. For – now he got a reason. He just released his third album in the Oxygène trilogy – yesterday. He celebrates the 40th anniversary of the release of his breakthrough album, Oxygène, from 1976.

The idea of the third album is to take the minimalist, ambient style from 1976, to 2016 and play/record it with modern technology. The style is still there, recognizable and carrying his trademark, but with that modern twist he announced.

I listen to it for the second time now, and I am still forming my deeper opinion about it. So, let’s share the experience, shall we?

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